Networking - 'We do that'

Connecting your business no matter how big or small.

CIO Now has built networks large and small. One office or multiple locations. Wired or Wireless, multi-VLAN or flat, we have done it all. We can help you decide which is best and how to implement, OR, we can do it all for you. Our end goal is the same: maximum uptime and productivity for your employees.


CIO Now uses networking products from Ubiquiti. High performance at a very competitive price. Ubiquiti make a full range of products designed to provide full management control of a network (remotely if needed) and maximum uptime at a very reasonable price.

Our techs are Ubiquiti certified and Network+ certified. You know you'll get best practice policies from us. We'll install the network to your specs with minimal downtime and even teach you its management, if that's what you like.

CIO Now has implemented multi-location Wide Area Networks with several different protocols. We will take the time to analyze your needs and recommend best methodology that won;t break the bank.

Networking? Yeah, we do that.. Call Today!