White Glove Phone Service

CIOVoIP is a high quality, state of the art Unified Communications system. By using the Internet to deliver dial tone to your location, CIOVoIP combats traditional telecom costs and is always at the forefront of emerging applications.

CIOVoIP is a local, Arizona company utilizing an FCC regulated, dual redundant facility in Phoenix’s East Valley.

Unparalleled uptime, outstanding voice quality, and a robust feature set, coupled with our commitment to providing ‘White Glove’ service make CIOVoIP the right choice for you. 

Streamline Technology
Bringing technology to the workplace effectively and efficiently is a challenge for any IT staff. The responsibility of ensuring the correct technology is delivered effectively and within budget falls to your executive team. CIOVoIP can effectively assist you. Implementing CIOVoIP can eliminate the need for multiple systems from multiple vendors, CIOVoIP will streamline your business technology. .


Simplify Telecommunication Maintenance
Maintaining your technology center to keep up with the ever changing needs of your business objectives is a full time job for any IT staff. CIOVoIP will remove this burden from your IT staff. CIOVoIP’s White Glove approach to service allows your IT staff keep focus on other areas of your technology center.
CIOVoIP will simplify your telecommunication maintenance. .

Reduce Phone System Operating Costs
In today's volatile business climate, successful businesses are forced to take a hard look at telephony budgets and extended costs. Relying on aging systems or outdated technologies is not a sound investment or business practice. CIOVoIP provides a stable, predictable budgetary platform with no surprises. reduce your technical debt and preserve your IT budget with CIOVoIP today

For more info on CIOVoIP, check out our dedicated website here.