Short-Term or Long-Term engagements

Whether you need oversight on best practices, a temporary technician or full blown installation, CIO Now offers White Glove IT Consulting at a resonable price.   

CIO Now was founded on the principle that not every business can afford a ful-time CIO or IT Manager. Many businesses are relying on heresay or that kid wearing the Fortnite t-shirt 4 days a week to base their technology needs on. CIO Now has over 25 years of real-world IT implementation experience ranging from small office WiFi setup to large, complex, multi-site networking and telephone installations. (and we don't play Fortnite)


The technicians at CIO Now are 'jack of all trade' types who excel at getting projects done correctly the 1st time, saving our customers valuable time and money.  We are here to help. Our White Glove service policy means you can count on our going above and beyond to ensure your business come 1st.       

CIO Now can be utilized as little or as much as you may need. We are equipped to help your business with everything from IT Management to Data Processing.

No minimum engagement, no minimum hours, we'll keep things as simple and no-pressure as possible.

In these unsure times, implementing the wrong technology can negatively affect your business, we can help get IT right for you.

We are here to help. Call Today!